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Linde 011 - K-Modular 10 / 13 / 15
  • Works efficiently in very narrow aisles
  • High precision for maximum productivity
  • Intuitive control console
  • Comfort and safety
  • Easy access
  • Tailored to your individual specifications


3-point mast design / box sections
AC drive & lift motors
Energy recovery system
Forward mounted auxiliary mast
On-board diagnostic readout
All-wheel brake system
Triplex mast with free-lift


Torsion resistant, high rigidity mast
Fast acceleration, fastest lift speed
Up to 30% return energy
Spacious unobstructed operators cab
Fast, easy troubleshooting
Positive, stable deceleration
Low mast height combined with extreme lift height


High capacity at high levels, stable operation
High productivity
Long battery life, less downtime for battery change
Order picking, improved comfort
Faster identification of service issues = time & money saved
Increased safety


Model Designation: K-Modular 10 / 13 / 15
Load Capacity: 2,200 lbs. - 3,300 lbs.
NOTE: K-Modular trucks are built to application specific quotes, for more information contact your local Linde dealer.
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On-board diagnostic readout for fast, easy troubleshooting
Simple, cost effective servicing & maintenance
Directly accessible components
Fully customized to fit your application = less down-time
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